Our aim

Zimmermann Associates provides technical services / support along the entire textile industry supply chain. We are able to support Retailers and Brand owners in bringing improved quality , performances and values into their Clothing / Home Textiles offer along with newness and novelty. We can help our clients to choose the right suppliers / partners, as well as establish appropriate quality standards and testing routines in order to offer attractive / dependable / price competitive products into the marketplace. Should you need our assistance in the interpretation of complex testing results, for the training for your stuff or to request our opinion on a specific topic , we can assist as required. 

In order to keep service costs low, we mainly offer our services online and in web seminars which enables us to provide a rapid response and real time assistance worldwide. We understand the fundamental need of Retailers to offer great products and values to their customers. 

In todays competitive marketplace, the need for Suppliers to lift quality and reduce costs is vital. The branding and marketing of textile products, along with the setting of performance standards and the production of promotional materials to include packaging and swing tickets is critical. There are cost / commercial consequences for both setting quality and performance stands too high as well as too low. We can help our clients determine the key balance between quality and price for the target customer. Drawing on over 30 years experience of working in the worldwide textile industry and in partnership with some of the most successful Retailers / Brand Owners in Europe. 


We are mainly focused nowadays on the UK and German Retail markets and working especially closely with volume Suppliers in China / India / Turkey / Bangladesh / Sri Lanka & Pakistan – and in speciality areas ranging from Italy into Eastern Europe.  

"We want to help you to find the best suitable and most meaningful solution for your needs and company possibilities"